Busy busy Beever

Hi all, sorry it’s been so long, I have been rather busy with work and also with my medical appointments. 

This little one is about how Many appointments I am attending and a bit of an update where I currently am in the rehab.

In the below pictures in red are all my appointments, you’ll notice most of them are on a Thursday, or as I now know it as ‘pain day’. I think the name explains itself. 

Its worth noting that Barclays bosses like Eddie and Andy have been great with me working from home on Thursdays for these appointments. As I’m a sub contractor they would have been well within their rights to get rid of me. Although they know I hate working from home And I’d rather be in the office so I can get stuff done. 

Thursday’s nowadays consist of me working on the go, in the back of taxis, in hospital waiting rooms. Why won’t you stop work I hear you asking, well, the real reason is that I feel most like myself when I’m working.

Working And my drive to hit my personal proffessional goals is one of the things that has kept me going through all this. It’s also the thing that have fatigued my brain. Taking Newton out of context but it works “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Basically my life in 1 statement.

Anyway, that’s a big enough tangent…i call them pain days because of the private physio. They know their shit but God they hurt, from trying to open up my ribs up to elongation of my spine. Either way my soldier friends would say I need a heavy dose of ‘man up pills with some of the noises I mak3 for days afterwards

Pretty much my next 3 months of Thursday’s are planned out for pain and punishment  (hopefully less as I go on). Along with pain comes brain doctors probing the tiny crevices of my Swede looking for some sign of a brain.

Anyway guys and girls.. think I have waffl3d on enough so I’ll sign off. 



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