Near misses

I think i have written down about near misses previously, but i have just had another so i thought i would put this one on here…

The weird thing about it is i have had more near misses since the accident than before it and before you take the piss….im not even driving.

On 06/09/16 – we nearly crashed on the motorway, luckily I saw traffic stopped and told rob, he slammed on and swerved to the right into a 3rd Lane extension. He handled it really well and we missed smashing into the car by a few inches, I’d he hadn’t swerved we would have ended up inside the other car as we finished up with the front of robs car along side the drivers door of the car in front.

And now whilst im sat in the taxi on the way home i just nearly had another. Coming on to a roundabout, a guy (red on the drawing below) is in the left filter lane (to go to m6 only). We are in the lane at the side of him (blue on the drawing below). We both pull off, he moves over from his lane and both me and the taxi driver think he is going out way just in the left lane. All of a sudden he pulls straight accross us. Taxi driver slams on and we stop just before t-boning him. 

Absolutly shit myself! Sat here shaking whilst i write this. Fair play to the taxi driver, his quick reactions stopped me being in another crash, although i think i may have to change my grundies when i get home.

I sit in the back of the taxi so i cant see everything going on as the head rest blocks my view. This is not good when the taxi driver has to slam on and you have no prior warning. 

Anyway…calming down alittle now so im gunna leave you to your days. Have a good week.



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