I’m forever blowing bubbles

deptherapyMorning all,

I’m currently sat in The FDM London offices waiting to talk to some guys and girls who are waiting to follow the same path as I did in my (then) new professional career as a Civilian (after 2 years of being out and having crap jobs, anyway im going off topic….

So im in the FDM offices to give something back to the ex forces team prior to me flying out to take part in a scuba diving trip tomorrow, the trip organised by an injured ex-forces charity called Depththerapy.

Depththerapy take injured members of the ex-forces community into the world of the Big Blue. They work miracles, not only in providing training where there is no limits and where it doesn’t matter if you are an amputee or a little bit messed up in the head (like me). Deptherapy creates an environment where mental health can be re-aligned.

If I was to say that I am looking forward to it I would be massively understating it! im excited, im hoping that being in the company of the guys and experiencing something totally new will bring my mental health back in line.

As you have probably read in the last few posts I have been pretty down at times, its a state of mind that you really have to fight to get out of. Work has taken over my life and I have become a workaholic, the reason for this is that I feel “useful” in work. I am hoping this will give me the kick up the ar*e I need to have more of a work life balance.

Anyway guys and girls, im just about to start my talks, so watch this space for an update and some photo’s of my trip!




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