Deptherepy day 1

So the day started with getting up at 4am and making my way on a shuttle bus to gatwick. 

I arrived in the terminal and thought i was the first one there, which helps my ocd of being late and also avoids any anxiety surrounding walking into a group of blokes i didnt know!

So every one filtered in bit by bit, and they were all class blokes and it helped my anxiety no end the fact that everyone was so (what i call) “normal”.

We made our way through our independant check out, we then had our first photo opportunity 

(Insert banner picture here)

Then it was a 5 hour flight to egypt!!!

Chris middleton took advantage of his now hight and got underneith the seats for a sleep!

Guys were revising for the upcoming tests. 

Richard was getting round everyone to makesure everyone was ok (and not pissed)

We arrived in hurgarda airport and payed for our visa’s, collected our baggage and had a few more pictures

Then it was a 2 hour drive in a weird little minibus, ill be honest the smells and sights brought bad not great memories of afghanitan, it kind of put me back there for a little bit before logic kicked in!

We stopped for a quick piss and then finished the journey

We got to roots (the dive hotel) and its amazing! 

Driving to it you would never belive this existed here 

We had a few group meetings in the evening, and got our timings for tomorrow, had a beer and i have written this for you guys

Im really excited for tommorow and starting the first steps into my diving adventure!

Until tommorow! 



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