Deptherepy day 2

So todays the day i discover diving. After a preety broken sleep, up at half 7 for scoff, followed by kit and equipment and standard safety tests

The tests consisted of 15 lengths of the pool here in roots and a ten min tread water. You may think thats easy but it wasnt. For me it was bloody hard work, i ended up swimming most of the lengths with one arm as swimming actually really hurt my left wrist and that meant i was blowing out my arse. 

One i passed both of those though it was onwards and upwards (or downwards). We completed two of the tests we have to do for the open water, and it was kit on time.

I have always been quite comfertable in water, through kayaking and other watersports but this is different, i was going to have something heavy pressing on my shoulder and after how my wrist was i was a little concerned with that. 

Got kitted up, got in the pool, breathed underwater for the first time (both weird and wonderful….mostly weird though) 

Did a few drills (skills) that we had to learn for our qualification and everyday diving.

To be honest the whole experiance, even in a pool was amazing. There is no other feeling i have ever experianced that makes you feel like that….its just peace and serenity. All my worries, anxiousness, overthinking just dissappeared.

It was weird, for those three hours i felt like me again, who i used to be, and to be honest i would have carried on all night if they had let me.
As i was getting out of the pool, it got a bit overwhelming, thoughts like “shit, this is something i can do” and “im not restricted doing this”, that gave me a lump in my throat and hit me quite powerfully!

I will honestly say that i cannot wait to get in the sea and do it, and to be honest if that was the only experiance i had this week i would still not be able to put into words for what richard and the whole deptherepy team have done for me, both mentally and physically in two day!



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