Day three at deptherepy

the day started with hands on the sands and teaching local children about the improtance of keeping the sea clean.

Then it was back to the pool to do dive 3 and 4 of open water course! That all went swimmingly for all of us, the instructors sharon and mike (i think thats their names) decided we were good enough to go and do our confined dives in the sea! (We were all mega looking forward to it).

I watched and listened to a few gheko’s before we headed over to the beach

We had lunch and then it was time. We got our kit on in the see to stop any of our injuries getting worse. Did our buddy checks

Boyancy, Weights, Releases, air and finals

Started to swim out, trying to get my boyancy right and to be honest i was up and down like a yoyo! Once i had settled into it my boyancy stabalised and things were great from there on! I saw a blue spotted ray and a puffer fish! 

The water is an amazing place, and i can say from personal experiance now, its good for mental health! It is also highlighting that i need to do more for me and the issues i have had since the accident.

Anyway all i will add some photos to tommorows if i remember to get them off liam (my dive buddy)

Peace out



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