Deptherepy day 5

Hi all, 

From day three onwards we got rather busy so i was nakered everyday so im trying to catch up now! 🙂

Day four started with us finishing off out open water course by carrying out our last drill, we had to go to a different dive spot as the swell and surf wasnt ideal for beginners.

The drill went well and which meant we all passed open water !!! (Get in!!!!!)

We carried on the dive and i started to feel my knee going! I knew i had about 15 mins of a dive left so i started using my arms to give my knees a rest. This is the technique that the leg amputees have to use. (See pen below)

(Look at bens trim, bar steward, im not jelous…..honest)

Now ben (in the picture) has done alot more diving than me, but if deptherepy has taught me one thing so far its that you can do anything. So i used my arms as i wanted to finish the dive!

Needless to say whilst Ben, Andy, Chris and Jack make this look elegant and effortless, i got out absolutly blowing out my arse with an new found respect for those guys!

We were now open water divers! 

The water was not suitable for diving in the afternoon so we spent the afternoon with Steve Rattler (roots resort owner) who took us through the PADI enriched aor diver theory course. As an instructor he broke it down into equasions and theory that we understood! 

That evening we had a brief about issues people have! (Like ptsd and having to overcome adversity) . That breif opened my eyes more. 

I ended up chatting to a legend of a bloke about ptsd from both army days (and the accident for me) least to say i ended up fighting the tears back. 
Anyone can go through ptsd


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