a little bit of sunshine between dark clouds

hey everyone, (if anybody even reads this anymore)
So… alot of things have happened in my life since i last wrote a blog post, i cant even remember when the last one was. i wont bore you with the details as im still yet to find out if the things that have gone on as well as if my decisions were the correct ones in the long term.

As you have probably guessed from the deptherepy trip i have found out that scubadiving does absolute miracles for my mental health and the company of a guy who shall only be know as Scuba Steve or Gary Barlow!

Me and steve have got on since the moment we met, he has also helped me accept alot of the things i was denying i was going through! (think my neurophyscologist is reaping the benifits of me being more open)

well….we have been gagging to get diving again and it couldnt come soon enough! we have been hassling the deptherepy directors to tell us a place who come embrace and adapy the things we currently struggle with (we both cant carry any sort of weight).

we eventually got the nod, a bloke called Chris. as soon as we started speaking to him in our little facebook messanger group (were so hip and down with the kids) we knew he was the right bloke to do our dry suit course with, and it was in sunny liverpool!

me and steve started to get excited, like kids in a sweetshop, and to be honest, after recent events we both bloody needed it! 

we turned up and met chris, who was as nice a bloke in real life as he was in messenger. we got the formalities out of the way and met his long haired general and fellow instructor Patsy who was equally as nice and seemed to embrace the squaddie type banter. we headed upstairs into the pool area. it was like a sauna once you put your drysuit on :). 

we did the drills and skills you need to know to get your boyancy correct and to get your self out of the possible complications that come with wearing a dry suit.

this was all we needed to do for tonight, but we chris said lets go in the habour, me and steve snatched that offer out of his hand before he had finished his sentance!

so off we trotted, we got down to the side of the harbour, chris shown that he had listened to us previously and that he was considering our injuries (although there were mentions that scuba steves being blown up was a better excuse). 

still as excited as kids, chris explained to me and Gary Barlow the skills and dive brief we were going to follow. 

we saw some place (the stuff you see in the chippy!) and a mussel arc. we comtinued the dive and did more skills, drills and how to adjust for boyancy differances. we finished the dive, got out with our grins and our fresh clear heads. 

chris did a debreif and we couldnt thank him and Patsy enough…it genuinly does us both a world of good. 

i already cant wait for tomorrow if everything goes well. ill be a drysuit diver by 9pm tomorrow night….im sure ill tell you all either way!

thanks again Chris and Patsy, words cant express what this does to us and the feelings it brings with it!

see you all tommorow 


6 thoughts on “a little bit of sunshine between dark clouds

  1. Jon love your blog, you fail to mention how much you help others and have been great with me, so glad we have met and glad to call you my friend.
    Scuba Steve.


  2. well done mate we are in Bradford if you fancy a dive any time we have caperwray, Delphi and 8 acre lake close and of course Stoney and we support deptherepy a lot


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