There may be trouble ahead!

so, after another pretty shitty day (because of reasons i wont discuss here) i had to get in a taxi and head to chorley for day 2 of my drysuit course.

i think if it had been anything else i would have cancelled and just gone home with the fatigue and the feeling down, But, this was not just diving, this was my key to the kingdom, my access to UK diving, my access to the thing that can clear my mind and fix my mood just by blowing bubbles. 

i got in the cab, put my headphones in, i knew i needed to get rid of the fatigue, otherwise i would have all the issues that fatigue causes, but in the water (would have been a dangerous combo). so i was there, in the taxi, headphones in, being relaxed and de-fatigued by:

“your on a sandy beach, you can feel the sand between your toes, you can smell the sea salt in the air”

it semi worked, it at least reduced the fatigue. Scuba Steve was stood at the entrance waiting for me, as he always does (he is a legend of a bloke). i met up with Chris Ridd and was joined by our new instructor Kerry Place. 

Kerry gave the dive brief and asked about our injuries, once the brief was over it was time to kit up. this is the first time i started to get the excitement back that had been sucked out of me by the crap day. 

for those of you that have ever been in a drysuit, its not an easy item to get into, you start with your legs, easy! then its pull it up to your chest, bit of jiggery pokery and thats done.. this is the interesting bit.

as you all know my shoulder is screwed (in all senses of the word screwed). i had hurt it during the kit on/kit off drills last night. Steve had to help me in…bad arm first, then good arm ( steve doing all the work), to get your head in i can only describe it as if someone was givinh birth to you, there is a lot of squeezing, moving of you neck, all to push your head through a hole smaller than your head.

we got in the water, buddy checks, then were off,  neck wet, stresses gone, chin level, anxiety goes , head underwater,clear and peaceful.

i know i keep ranting on about it but diving isnt just good for my depression, anxiety, but it works miracles on making the brain clear of negative thoughts. 

the dive went amazing, it did everything i needed it to do! yes, im telling everyone of you to go do it. 

we finished the dive and started on the exams. both Chris and Kerry were really good at explaining the theory as per padi’s book!

we are going to do the books on sunday! then i should be a PADI dry suit diver!

Thank you both, chris and kerry, you are absolute stars and litrally made my day and got rid of all the shit i have going on in my head at the moment. me and steve owe you a beer… least!

laters all!!!


2 thoughts on “There may be trouble ahead!

  1. Brill blog again Jon, loved the dive mate, made even better seeing you happy, let’s keep going buddy. Scuba Steve.


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