someone say qualified dry suit diver?

a short one today, whilst i am sat in the hospital reception awaiting my taxi to work. 

yesterday was a good day! 

i had a pretty pants night sleep on saturday night, probably got 3 hours at best so i just got up at 5am. 

the first thing on my agenda for the day was the dry suit exam (known by PADI {diving organisation} as knowledge reviews) 

due to issues with my text book and learning materials being delivered late i could not revise even though i was up (not like id remember it anyway).

i got to the diving centre at 10 am and met scuba steve, Patsy and Chris. Chris bru’d us up and put us in their class room. Steve had already had and done the revision in the book.

Gemma turned up and knew that i hadnt had my book. in the same nature they had all week, the glacier dive team were helping me to get to grips with the knowlege i needed in a format that my brain would accept. we sat in the classroom and talked about diving and the the things that ‘may’ come up on the exam.

we then went into the exam, wrote down out answers and once finished Kerry spoke through each of the questions so that i knew where i had done good (and not so good).

me and steve both passed with flying colours! part one of the good day!

part two included a very good friend called Aimeé Baxter picking me up and taking me to blackpool, nothing special just out for a laugh and a pisstake. 

we went in the arcades and spent about a tenner each, lukily she was on form with the ticket winning skills! it may be a mundane activity for most people and just taken for granted but the afternoon was just what i needed,and not something i can do most day, alot of laughing and joking made me feel more like my old self, and Aimeé even got a bluetooth speaker out of it! (which she seems to be far too chuffed about {i wish i could share the snapchat i got}) 

all round an absolutly awesome day thanks to steve, the team at glacier and Aimeé. i feel reinvigorated!

until next time!!!


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