Deptherepy road trip part one!

Hi all welcome to another session of Jon goes diving. Me and scuba Steve have said that once we had our dry suit course that we would come down to Wraysbury and visit some of the deptherepy directors so that we could have with them. 

So we set out at 2 in the morning to make the Long Drive down to Wraysbury to Martin’s shop  (dive crew) to collect our kit. we got there after 4 hours and about 8 litres of coffee.

  Terry and Ian being shown below helped as with our kit getting us  sorted and ready to dive.

then off we went! we arrived at wraysbury dive centre and were greeted by the big smiley face of richard cullen! it was great to see him again! Richard was the guy who got me to attend deptherepy and excel my mental health rehabilitation and give me something to look forward to . 

Richard gave us the tour and then it was time to dive.. our first dive was good to blow the cobwebs off, the second helped us zone in our boyency skills ready for the second days diving, i definatly needed chilled dives as my axiety levels from the things below really kicked my ass! 

– we nearly crashed on the journey.

-i turned round underwater looking for steve (because i couldnt see him) and he was right there in my face as i turned back round.

-someones hose exploded as they were setting up their dive grear and let out a bang

anyway… its 9pm and im absolutly shattered so i will will leave it until tommorow to post this so i can check for me talking pants!




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