Getting wrecked with PADI & Deptherepy

hi all, 

this is part two of the road trip darrrrn saaarrrf to see Martin, Richard and get some diving in!

so the day started off by decorating the hotel lobby with last nights dinner (poor old boy was pretty poorly). As expected steve still wanted to dive! (it really does mean that much and make that much of a differance to us) and i was going to use my new fins!

so, 8am we were off as we wanted a parking spot so that we could be as close as possible to the entry point. people were queueing outside when we got there 30 mins before it opened, which proves what a little hidden gem it is (check it out here wraysbury dive website).

we got in, met richard, got setup and then it was dive time, wreck style! the first dive started as an observation dive, essentially this means we dive around the wreck, looking for any dangers, possible snag points, any points of interest and assessing areas in which we would tie off if we were to penetrate. once that was complete we learned how to deploy a SMB. 

(below is what it looks like …..your underneath it in the water)

we were focusing our attention around an old life boat which was intentionally sunken at wraysbury. its one of only 2 left in the country. once we had completed the observations and the smb deployment it was time for a bru! Richard, steve and i all spoke about the history of the life boat (see below), we spoke more around the kit and the differences in reels and other tech kit for wreck diving. (lukily richard has at least 1 of every item on the market in his box of tricks). 

the next dive was all about the mapping of a wreck. it started out with richard giving the dive brief, steve drawing out a brief outline of the boat and us analysing exactly what we needed to measure, i think its safe to say my engineer background wanted a bit too much detail.

when we got back in the water we worked our way through our task list we had and we came up with a nice little measurement picture of the life boat 

This excersize taught us 2 things.. its important to get the information so you can use it for planning a penatration and i use my air quicker when doing a task. 

we finished our mapping and more practice at other skills got out the water and went through our PADI knowledge reviews (so richard could make sure we actaully did them and didnt just fall asleep the night before). 

steve started to feel under the weather again so i asked martin if i could tag along with him and his divecrew open water students as he tested their remove and replace mask drills. i rushed to get back in my kit, stole steves tank (as he had a shed load of air left {im sure he has gills}) and jumped into the water. it was only when i was watching martin and his team running the training that i realised not only that i had a massive grin on my face, but more importantly (for me) is that i realised that this is what my PADI dream would be and where i want my diving to go! something i couldnt really answer to that point as i was just enjoying the benifits that Deptherepy and diving was doing for my mental health and moral!

i have always loved teaching, be it kayaking, in business, or just passing my knowledge and ecperiance onto someone else. when the guys were doing the remove/replace mask drills i could just see stuart green and his flamboyant but crystal clear demo’s and underwater dialect. 
now i have an aim, a new sence of direction and ambition, it gives me something that i can work towards, something i can be proud of and something to grow the part of me i have missed alot since the the accident!

im enjoying my deptherepy and PADI journey so far and i cant thank all the people involved with the support on both a kit and personal level! 

i cannot wait to get back in the water so i can continue my PADI journey and take a step towards my new found goals!

see you all on the flip side! now go out and try diving!!!!!



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