Suits you sir

Hi all! this is a little blog post about the next step in my scuba diving adventure! 

so the adventure started with Ben Lee (another royal engineer guy who is part of deptherepy) sending me and scuba steve a message saying that he had just visited John at  OTTER Watersports who is working with alot of the guys in deptherepy as alot of the guys with missing limbs need special requirements.
Ben had recommended John and the team at otter to me and Steve, as they will look after our injury requirements. to be honest i think Ben was probably the 15th person to recommend OTTER Watersports just because of their quality of work, plus the deptherepy charity held them in high regard which was good enough for me!

i travelled up to Bradford on saturday after a few back and forths with John on messanger, my back, knees and anxiety were all kicking off by the time i got there.

On first meeting John, i met a genuine caring bloke who obviously knows his stuff! we chatted for a while before we got down to business (how we could get a drysuit that would fit my needs). 

His knowledge and expertise was apparent immediatly, coming up with ideas that would help me, simple thinks like rock boots so i dont get squeeze on my feet (a problem i have found when trying out different suits). he undersood the issues with my shoulder and knew front entry wasnt for me!

he measured me up, this was going to be a tailored drysuit! i could feel myself getting excited to use it and it was just numbers on a page at this point. 

we had a bru and chatted somemore, he shown me how he will make my suit and it all interested me, but, bloody hell these guys know their trade! 

i am more than happy with my purchase from John and the service he gives in nothing short of immense! i genuinly cannot bloody wait to try it out! i cant wait to go diving again! check out OTTER Watersports if your thinking of a drysuit!

i love what diving has done to me, im a happier, more confident person! i still have some really bad days, both mental and physical but its days like these that let the sun shine through the clouds! 

anyway .. ill leave you all to it and i will update you when anything changes!

have a great week, and i hope yours started as well as mine!



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