a year ago today

howdy doodie everyone (anyone), wordpress has just notified me that it has been a year since i started writing this blog, alots happened over that time!

i have been on some serious lows, i have had some highs and breaks from the madness. i started the blog so that i could remind myself of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and to be honest i believe it works…i still go back reading my blog posts that are about the good stuff (like the ones after ive been diving)! they pull me out of the dark places and show me that, there are alot of good people who would, and do alot for me. 

so wether you are reading this in passing and dont know me (well you know every intimate detail now). or you are one of the people who have provided me with the much needed support and morale, thank you!

by you lot reading my blog posts it has given me the drive to keep it up to date. as i said earlier i really use this blog to bring myself out of daek places.

reet im done rambling and im nearly at work so thank you everyone for reading, have a good week!



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