when deptherapy met PADI 

hi all , another diving milestone today for me and 5 lads, we all travelled down to PADI from all over the country, this was to have a meet and greet and to say thank you to all the staff for the effort that they put into us and the charity.

As usual when i travel a long distance, i like to leave early so i dont have to deal with the anxiety and stress of alot of traffic, so we left my house at 4am, and arrived at PADI HQ around 11am (when we should have only been there for 2pm)

Emma was happy to great us and show us round the office. we met all the great people who put so much into helping people change their lives with diving. 

We let Emma get on with her work and went to have some dinner. 

it reached about half one, liam and i headed back up to PADI HQ, as usual DR ‘grumpy bubbles’ Cullen was stood in his authoritive stance on the top step of the enterance. All of the 5 deptherepy lads where there and we went in, all armed with deptherepy tshirts, and the PADI glasses we got in Egypt.

Emma can and met us all and we met the staff again, this time in more detail, we met a woman called vicky who was a rebreather specialist (cool peice of kit, google it). we met other all the other members of staff like jonas (who had a nice looking shirt on, just my size, but i couldnt seduce him out of it ) and Simon who is just a rock star with the charity , including the nice woman who has the pleasure of censoring my blog if they use it (i dont envy her). 

Emma then took us for a brief around PADI’s ambition and goals including thos of ‘PROJECT AWARE’ (conservation of our oceans), this was a great brief and really made me buy into the PADI goals (not like i didnt already).

Then it was our turn, all of the staff we met today came up and listened to richard explain what the charity does, how PADI helps with this. Richard then got each of us to stand up (turn around for those in wheelchairs) and tell our own view how much scubadiving has done for us personally. 

Ben went first, pete went sencond (below) 

chris went third,

and then it was my turn…..

now anyone who knows me, knows i could talk to anyone at any level. There is one topic that really gets to me when i speak about it and thats the accident. when you look at the pictures of the guys you see physical injuries, you dont see the mental ones. 

The diffuculty with me is that i have no obvious signs of a physical injury, but the mental side of my injuries are by far my worst enemy. i stood up and explained the mental battles, the guilt over emmas injuries and the byproducts of all that and i got a bit emotional. i was shaking like a shitting dog after it (put that in their to keep the lovely woman busy).

at the end of the day when someone asks me, whats scubadiving like, the only thing i can say is life changing! not in the sence that i have changed who i was, but more that diving with PADI and deotherepy has helped me descover and live more life as the person i am now.

it simply couldnt be done without the people from PADI and Deptherapy, so to all those people who help out, even in the smallest way, thank you for digging me out of that dark place time and time again!

ohhhh and we got some presents too!… thank you!

i know this was a long one guys but i hope you see that what these people do is amazing and changes lives. 

laters and thanks for reading! 



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