Mind blown on the Thistlegorm

(in the style of oasis)

Today is gunna be the day that their gunna throw it back to you,

 by now you shoulda researched what the thistlegorm went through,

i dont believe that anybody, feels the way i did, until they see it!

right, thats enough of that singing malarky. the day started at 0630 with us still sailing to the biggest and most significant wreck of the trip. The thistlegorm was a defencivly armed merchant navy ship that was sank by a “pop shot” bomb from a german aircraft (which was actually tasked to get another ship) 

the ship as it lays looks like this 
the first dive was an observation dive and a couple of swim throughs. lots of different specimins of fish but the astounding thing was the sheer size of the ship, its a definate see to believe!!!

the second dive was the one in which many things crossed my mind, the first penetration of the wreck, i have never really had any anxiety whilst diving and the thistlegorm was definatly a ship of many firsts.

As the thistlegorm was helping the war effort, soldiers died on the ship making it a war grave, it was carrying alot of military cargo including trucks, hundreds of weapons, motorcycles and munitions. 

we went down to the wreck and penetrated nemerous points, seen all the ammo and vehicles, as you pass over the stuff you think to yourself…how pissing lucky am i, this is cool as feck, you get excitement and a rush. the second time you pass over the vehicles my thought pattern changed, thinking of the people who loaded the boat, people who were on the boat and were expected a ‘nothing day’. 

all in all this wreck is a look into the history of the boat that is incredible. the diving is incredible and if you take time to appreciate exactly what you are looking at you will be drawn into another exciting world in which only a few have seen!

until tommorow, 


(all photo credit goes to Martin Weddell)


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