Raisen mate? nahhh its just a current

The day started with my usual 6am get up and coffee. Boat is still moored above S.S. thistlegorm…what else was there to do but smash a before breakfast dive on the thistlegorm!

For the first day this trip i had very little pain (just my hand), so the diving was just utterly relaxing. Scuba Steve and i went on some adventures and re-absorbed the whole bow (front) of the wreck. we went and seen the captains cabin again, his bloody bath tub was well made… even after a bombing and sinking it was still full of water! 

One dive down it was time to have breakfast, the decision was made by everyone on the boat that one more dive on the thistlegorm was on the cards… up went my excitement again! 

We dove the stern (back) of the ship this time, there are some big old guns back there! we had a guided tour from Martin and Sue (owners of divecrew diving shop and school). yet another relaxing dive when i got the excitement out of my system and i got my breathing sorted.

We then went on a rather rough seas for an hour and half on our next voyage to the next wreck. The boat was listing and bouncing (more than the last blog) you could hear things down below crashing over…chairs on the deck (with people on them) were on 2 legs. it was entertaining to watch. 

we arrived moored up in a nice sheltered area, we had exceeded our recommended surface interval (time you have to spend on the boat after a dive). The Steve Rattle saying “if your computer says you can dive, go diving” could not be truer, so we did. a reef dive, this is where the blog title comes from.

We dropped in to no current, heading along the current seeing alot of nemo’s (clown fish), eels and a spectacular number of other red sea aquatic life! we started to make our way up the reef, and all of a sudden we were all working harder, we wernt moving at all. after about three mins our divemaster Chris Middleton turn the dive, from that point with the current behind us we just drifted back towards the boat, looking at all the aquatic life on the way. 

the last dive of the day was the night dive, this was lead by the master instructor from divecrew, martin lead us to the wreck, where there was an abundance of giant morea and aquatic life. ill be honest we thought he had got us lost on the way back (which he would have never lived down), but he hit the boat line bang on! he just took a bloody wide berth to it. 

on to tommorow! speak you all then!


(photo credits to Martin Weddell)


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