Thats a morey

so…..its the penultimate day, its definatly going too quick. 

me and scuba steve were shocked to leatn we overslept and had an extra hour in bed. which is both amazing and evil, the beds are like concrete on this boat so we both woke up with back pain…

weather wasnt in our favour, that doesnt mean like the uk its raining cats and dogs, but it means that we couldnt venture out to the dive site we had hoped. 

(above photo is chris middleton)

for the first dive we had our resident Deptherapy Dive Master Chris Middleton take us on a guided tour of the reef. it was a cracker, we saw everything we could have hoped to, Chris even got to show off some his “situation management” skills when one of the divers dropped weights and dramatically started ascending. to be blunt it shown me what i already know, he is a great dive master who is as good if not better than most divemasters i have dived with. 

our second dive was much of the same..(amazing that is!)

The third dive we didnt visit the wreck and we just went on the reef. i had a nemo square up to me (wanting a fight), i seen my first sea slug (i cant remember the latin name).


but the fourth dive, the night dive was by far the most impressive, we chose to stay closg1e to the boat and see some luminescence. we dropped in, decended and dove to the front of the boat, we found a sandy plateau where we intended to drop to the floor and turn off the torches. we dropped down and reached the bottom.

as we were doing our checks that we were all good and settled ready to turn the torches off, i checked the area (by shining my torch), within my beam i spotted 4 lion fish (a spiny poisonous fish that use your flashlights to hunt), but they didnt seem interested in where our beams are going, they were interested in us, and to be honest i didnt fancy a lion fish spine up my bum so i called a no on lights going out.

we carried on round the reef, with every time we looked round the four lion fish following us. 

sooo….why the title i hear you asking…..

we were just heading back to the boat, when the TDM (trainee dive master) was leading the dive and as i shone my torch to his left i seen a free swimming giant morey heading straight for him. I grabbed the TDM’s leg and pulled him back and the morey went straight passed his face, i think its fair to say that he may have needed a change of underpants. we all just floated with neutral boyancy watching the beast of the sea swim past, i turned to my side and sized it up and it must have been approx 8ft at least (based on my being 6 foot in perfect posture).

as i lay in bed writing this i cant help thinking to myself, what else brings me so much joy, and to be honest there is not very much apart from family and friends. now im thinking (as i lie on the concrete mattress) what else gives me the escape from pain like diving, and there is nothing, when im in the water nothing hurts (as long as i dont use my left arm {which is bad technique}), the only thing that comes close is medication and i dont like having to take something strong enough to stun a bull just to be pain free. 

since before the accident i have had some serious nighmares and recollections that i wish i could forget, and between them and the accident i have some pretty comfounded thoughts. diving is the only thing that takes them away, its been proven to help (sheffield uni did a study.

try diving guys, you too could have health and wellbeing within yourself by trying diving at your local PADI centre.

tommorows my last day and i dont want it to end, but for now i will bid you farewell. 



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