Swept Away.

The day started not as good as it usually does, i had a few nightmares last night and they were rather realistic (im not going to write about the content). The lack of sleep meant i had a lay in, i got up at 0640 instead of 0600. 

i woke to the engines of the boat roaring to life, like Scuba steves snoring in the night (well at least when he is on his back), there was some swell in the sea but no where near of the rocking of the previous trip. 

we had a brief on the Giannis D wreck, went on the rib ( small boat which hurt mine and scuba steves back) and went and got wet, Resident dive master Chris Middleton lead the dive, with two of our master instructors from deptherepy watching his every move (as chris is soon to start his Assistant Instructor – Instructor Development Course).

The dive was another one of wonder, we didnt penatrate as it was a 120 bar (how much air you have) turn around point and a long swim back to the channel where the rib (small boat) would pick us up. We got to 120 bar and all started to swim towards the channel.

now, there was 2 things i learned very quickly on that swim,

  1. you swim when the surge pushes you and dont fight it when it pulls you (i was goosed after 10 mins) 
  2. underwater swimming is just like hill walking, when you see what you think is the peak (or in this case the channel corner). when you reach it there is another peak behind it.

    It worked out about 15-20 minute swim, once we got there we sent SMB’s up (surface marker buoys – i think it stands for). The rib came and got us and we all manages to get in before the current pushed us on the reef. 

    the boat took us to our dive boat (big boat) and whrn everyone was back aboard we set off towards the harbour, a couple of hours napping and a few painkillers later, we reached what was to be the last dive of the week (awwww). 

    The wreck was a T-42 mine sweeping military vessell, it had been sunk after nemerous missile shots from Israel aircraft. our surface interval was done so it was time to dive. Chris, Scuba steve and myself were the first off of the dive boat, we soon found out (in about 0.3 seconds) that the current was like nothing i had ever delt with before, but, as they say, every day is a school day.

    so….we had jumped off the back of the dive boat and needed to get to the front so that we could use the bow line to the tie off point on the wreck. with only one hand that can grip properly it was an absolute blow out! mine hats off to Chris Middleton, he swam in that current better than i did and he has 2 less legs that me,(little thank you to diana for helping me out when i was pooped). 

    i took a min to compose my self and slow my breathing rate down and then went down towards the wreck. its not a massive wreck but the first impresson it gives is with the massive explosion hole in the side of it. we dived for around 30 mins and then headed up the line, knowing (and very glad to know) the current would take us to the back of the boat. 

    we got to the safety stop at 5 meters, and i can honestly say, i have never missed good grip in my left hand more. i was like a flag in a hurricane on the line (probably being a bit dramatic, but it sells the picture more). i ended on hooking on the line with my armpit for added support. 

    we eventually got back to the dive boat and i got to the bottom of the ladder, because i cant bare weight i have to take my kit off in the water. i gave up on that idea when everytime i took my hand off the ladder i fell off and had to battle to get back on. it ended up, two of the eyption guys leaning down, one grabbing my tank and pulling the weight of that, and the other grabbing and pulling me up (lets just say, i definatly didnt look elegant!).

    then it was off back to port, the whole team went for a meal that evening in a place called Bulls (which i highly recommend). Then that was it, the trip was done. 

    your all probably sick of hearing me say it, but thank you to everyone involved with this trip, both organisers and participents. i have had some bad nightmares recently and the water seems to be the one place i can go where i am truely free of anxiety (unless i see a shark) . 

    And thank you to you for reading my blog. its a good way of me getting accross some of the excitement, anguish (if thats the right word) and what ever other emotions im feeling (apart from crying at chick flicks, i dont do that …. honest).

    hope you all have a great week, and until something else happens in my otherwise un-eventful life. have fun and be happy



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