sleeping beauty 

hey all, 

i have just had the results from a sleep study back, so i thought id write it here so that i can remember it and you can think your self lucky. 

for the study i had to ware a “fit bit” like watch but its like a fit bit on steroids! (and it has no watch part.

it analyses the following:

  • light in the room
  • heart rate
  • movement
  • noise changes

so i wore this for nearly 2 weeks, i was worried that i would get a good nights sleep everynight and it wouldnt highlight anything. during the study period i wore it all day, everyday. Just before i went to turkey i sent it back off. 

i got home from turkey to find the results sat in my inbox, so i will share them with you now.

(yes, i know they spelt my name wrong) 

as you can see 4hrs 28mins a night is no way to live your life, especially being up for nearly 2 hours a night in the night.

its all to do with interuptions, 1196 in around 12 days 

the red areas are where i am supposed to be asleep. there are alot of interuptions and me being awake. 

As an average Joe (a 24 year old female in this case) there should be alot of peaks and troughs of activity throughout the day. 

umfortunatly for me, with the anxiety, mild depression and the over analysis or “catastophising” situations in my head (in other words, worrying about things i dont have control over) mine looks more like this.

they have now given me things that i will have to do so that i can improve my sleep:

  • less screen time at night (no tv)
  • audio books instead
  • set bed time and get up (all week not just week days)
  • less coffee during the day (which im gutted about)
  • having my tea (evening meal) earlier.

i now have 2 months to impliment these and then we will do the study again. so far the audio books are doing pretty well, the lack of coffee is killing me and i am having my tea as early as i can.

we shall see what comes out of it



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